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Celia Canty

Music has been my life’s calling since I first started playing piano at age five. In college as a music major focused on piano studies, I discovered harp and studied that on the side. I’ve been very blessed to be able to share my music with others since college, whether it be as a public school & university music educator, youth chorus conductor, community choral conductor, special event performer, ensemble member, or hospice harpist. All of these experiences literally play into the breadth of my understanding in providing the perfect “musical score” for any special event for which I now perform.

My focus at this point in my life is therapeutic harp music. I have been fortunate to be able to provide soothing harp music for Providence Harpist for more than eight years. I currently Zoom a special “healing circle” to people across the country, including Mexico. I also offer an Airbnb Online Experience in their Music/Wellness category.

As in any arena of life, there is no substitute for quality, experience, knowledge, finesse, and elegance. These qualities sound through the music I create whether for the therapeutic music I provide, for hospice, for concerts and special events, or for a wedding, vow renewal, or memorial service.

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Celia Canty

From: $75.00

Bookings are typically an hour (60 minutes) long.



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