Donny and friends

Cate, Al, Donny & Esther after a session.

Heart & Hope Music Sessions are 30-60 minutes in duration, and as long as Covid-19 is a threat to the health of everyone involved, we are doing Live Virtual Sessions and are archiving those sessions to be enjoyed by your residents over and over!

What you get when you schedule a “Live Virtual Session” – through the virtual world of Zoom, we greet the residents, sing to their needs, and make “connections”. Our program is interactive and involving and now: recorded! We make a “joyful noise” playing music they remember from their past.

In order to enjoy a “Live Virtual Session”, the following equipment is necessary:

  • A good internet connection capable of handling a live-streamed video session
  • A tablet or laptop (with the ability to connect an HDMI cable if connecting to a TV)
  • A large screen TV that you’ll be connecting the tablet or laptop to with the HDMI cable (optional)
  • A soundbar or speakers – again, optional, but definitely helps create a more enjoyable listening experience
  • A webcam is necessary for interaction – most tablets and laptops have this feature built-in

Call 541-843-0138 to book a session with Donny. We look forward to seeing you soon – virtually!