Our Mission & Passion

Donny greeting a participantHeart & Hope Musical Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to promoting love, healing, and transformation through our interactive musical programs with special concern for poor and vulnerable people, such as the frail and elderly, the sick and injured, or those who are emotionally troubled.

We enhance the quality of life of those we encounter and share our music, time, and energy in a compassionate, attentive, and nurturing way.

Specially selected music and a bit of humor give comfort, encouragement, and emotional support to the frail and elderly and to ALL who hear it without regard for race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or financial status.

We honor many musical traditions and have lots of fun sharing folk songs, jazz standards, old-time favorites, humorous hits, patriotic songs, interfaith spirituals, and special holiday songs. We offer a well designed interactive program of music that is positive, uplifting, and inspiring.

We encourage singing, dancing, and movement, playing “instruments” and sharing the connections “sparked” by our program.

We strive to entertain residents at Adult Foster Care Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Retirement Centers, Nursing Homes, and other Elder Care settings, in a meaningful, memorable way.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to extend this charitable work by connecting facilitators with listeners to promote our proven, life-enriching musical program, improving the lives of both the musician and the listener with music as a therapeutic medium.

Board of Directors

Donny Roze
Founder / Executive Director – Non-voting

Donny has a BA in Music and Psychology and a K-9 teaching credential and a K-12 Music Endorsement. He has worked many years as an activity director and music therapist and currently is Heart & Hope’s only full-time Music Therapist for elders and mentally and physically disabled adults. He was an elementary school Music Specialist for Central Point District #6 for twelve years and spent 25 years as a professional entertainer. He is devoted to promoting love, hope, comfort, humor, and healing through music as an advocate for vulnerable people, including the frail and elderly.

Ingrid Perry
Assoc Exec Director/Bookkeeper – Non-voting

As I wondered how Heart & Hope Music was going to proceed given the restrictions posed by the pandemic, it occurred to me that this could be an unprecedented opportunity for musicians and isolated elders to connect with meaningful music over the internet. I realized there would be a learning curve for all involved, but it would be so worth the effort!

Thus, began my journey to help guide Heart & Hope Music into the 21st century. With good planning, patience, perseverance, and a good bit of luck, I know this organization can not only thrive, but bring special memories to all involved. Music heals. I want to help people heal and enjoy life more. I can see a way with this organization. I hope you will join me whatever way you can if you feel the same.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Rory Tosh
Vice Chair / Treasurer – Voting

I am a Rogue Valley native-born and raised. I have a BS in Business Administration/Accounting from Southern Oregon University where I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1991. I have worked several positions in the accounting industry, and am currently a partner at KDP Certified Public Accountants. I am also a singer/songwriter going by the name “Tex Tosh” online and have been doing this for many years. My interest in Heart & Hope stems from when my father was going through major health problems and spent much time in the hospital and nursing homes. I would pack up my guitar and harmonica and go play by his bed in his room. I noticed the joy it gave him as he was always closely connected to music. Also, I noticed the nursing staff and other patients enjoyed it as well. I enjoy being on the Board of Directors.

Catherine (Cate) Roze
Co-Founder / Associate / Advisor – Voting

Cate is a caregiver for elders, has raised four children, is a grandmother to six others as well as being a helpmate to Donny in all his charitable enterprises. She is a fine singer with the heart of a musician. She has lived in Ashland and been married for 30 years to Donny. Her family and her Spiritual Journey are her heart’s highest priorities.

Diana Roarty
Secretary – Voting

Diana Roarty is a singer/songwriter and long-term member of the Southern Oregon Songwriters Association. Diana plays her 12-string guitar and ukulele for entertainment and therapeutic involvement in retirement homes. Also, lead singer of a gospel-blues band that sings for Celebrate Recovery and other outreach programs in the community. She is also our Community Liaison.

Valerie Keys
Advisor – Non-voting

Heart & Hope Music seems to be a wonderful organization which provides music to many overlooked places in our community. Music has always been a part of my life, I do not play an instrument but have been involved in music through many aspects of my life. I identify myself as a New Yorker raised in the 50’s, 60’s surrounded by the opportunity to be exposed to multiple outlets to hear a wide genre of music. I moved to WA state in the 70’s, taught in specialized programs for 35 years, and retired to Oregon in 2014.

I am involved in the Blues Society, Tudor Guild, Rogue Riverkeepers and on the board of the Medford Senior Citizen Center. That is who I am, a supporter of music, theater, a senior citizen, an environmentalist. I would like to be considered to be on the board of Heart & Hope to support this important endeavor.

If there is a way to help support your good deeds, I’m all in.

Bill Lobsitz
Emeritus – Non-voting

Donny, it would be my pleasure to serve as a member of your Board. As a retired Fire Captain, I spent many wonderful years working in the service of others. I also volunteered in my church doing lighting which gave me a feeling of accomplishment in learning something new. It would be a fulfilling opportunity to assist you in your music venture as you help those around you through the healing form of music.

Gratefully yours, Bill Lobsitz

Update: It is with much sadness that I must report that Bill passed on 2/9/2021. “He was a beautiful person full of Life and Love. He was a giver, big and generous. And for a short time I got to call him “Friend”. Please remember him in your heart, and thoughts and prayers.” Donny Roze

Cilandria Arnett
Advisor – Voting

As a professional, I am an RN of 43 years most of which was Acute/emergent care in the hospital. The last 7 years have been in Home Health and recently Clinical Nursing. I am also an LMT, Holistic Health Nurse, Herbal Practitioner, Reiki Master, and much more. In the 1980’s I assisted in starting a Waldorf Inspired school in Bend Oregon and served as a Board member in several Capacities. I have also been a Board member of 2 other nonprofit organizations.

One of my passions is to assist people who are in need of services, care that they are not able to obtain easily on their own. Especially finding creative, spiritual and alternative types of services that are flexible for what is needed in different cultures, life situations, and in times of challenge.

When Donny told me about his musical service to elders and those in homes and care facilities, I was so excited that he was bringing that amazing gift to Those in need. I have done my own study in the transformation of people, especially elders who respond and heal with music.

Donald (Don) Davis
Advisor – Voting

Don is a US Coast Guard veteran who retired as an administrator at GTE Telephone Co. He has been a Professional Santa for 30 years. “I enjoy helping people and try to bring a little hope, joy, and a smile to everyone I meet.”

David Rottersmann
Advisor / Development Director – Non-voting

David Rottersmann is an experienced IT professional, business owner, and entrepreneur. He is currently working as President of HOLY COW IT, Inc., a provider of specialized IT Managed Services geared towards manufacturing companies with over 100 employees. With over 30 years of experience in high-tech business ventures and advanced product development, David brings a creative mind with plenty of experiences and exposure to many aspects of the business and entrepreneurial world. David also has a developing interest in internet business models, viral marketing, online advertising, and ironic mischief.